KCPA Participated in STSP’s 20th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Dinner

KCPA's Julian
Article by Angela
Mississauga, January 25, 2020

Senior Tamils Society of Peel is a not-for-profit organization with over 1000 members, based in Mississauga, Ontario. Its mission is to “serve the needs of the Tamil seniors living in the region of Peel in the fields of health, education, social, housing, disability etc. through surveys, plan and execute projects and programmes.” On January 25, 2020, STSP celebrated its 20th anniversary and the Tamil Heritage Month at Payal Banquet and Convention Centre located in Mississauga.

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KCPA Participated in STSP’s 20th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Dinner

There are about 500 attendees to the gala. In addition to STSP members, Chief Nishan Duraiappah from Regional Peel Police, Dr. Moonshik Kim from Universal Peace Federation, and members from local performing arts groups such as the Sarika Group, the Kamala Group, Shilompoli Shethra, and KCPA were also invited.



Despite a very busy schedule during the Chinese New Year, seven KCPA members – Alice Li, Shengying Sun, Tracy Zhang, Jenny Liang, Lele Shen, Irene Wu, and Angela Huang –participated in the event. We brought two dances to entertain the guests. The first dance is a classical dance inspired by and incorporated with elements from the Beijing Opera and the Szechuan Opera, Heroic Bearing. The creation of the dance originated from the appraisal respect of the patriotism, devotion, and heroic qualities of female military personnel. Not only were special costumes worn by the DaoMa Dan in the Beijing Opera deployed, music and choreography were also boldly fabricated to manifest the theme. This innovative dance has very high technical requirements for the dancers and its artistic achievement in promoting the essence of the Chinese culture is unparalleled across the Greater Toronto Area.

Heroic Bearing (Dancers: Alice Li, Jenny Liang, Angela Huang Tracy Zhang & Irene Wu)

Heroic Bearing attracted the audience at once and was a huge success! The performers were showered with a big round of applause and were even invited back to the stage to be recognized again and presented with heartwarming gifts. We were the only arts group that received such an honour!


Our second dance was a Korean fan dance: Wings of the Soul. Living in Northeastern China, the Korean is one of the 56 ethnic groups of China. The Korean folk dance is famous for its artistic expression of the crane, which has been worshipped by the Korean since ancient time. This dance also makes use of silk fans lined with white feather to enhance the elegance of the crane.

Wings of the Soul (Dancers: Alice Li, Jenny Liang, Angela Huang Tracy Zhang, Lele Shen,Shengying Sun & Irene Wu)

Once we stepped on the stage, the audience welcomed us with a surprising round of applause. They were very engaged during the whole performance and burst into wild applause after the dance was ended.



Following the performances, we changed into one of the traditional Chinese costume, the cheongsam, joined the celebration, interacted with event organizers and guests, and enjoyed the rest of the evening. We were approached by many guests and sponsors for our performances and for future cooperation opportunities.

What an amazing night!