Chinese New Year Show at Peel Manor, Brampton

Jan 22, 2020 by Julian, KCPA
(Article by Angela, pictures by Na)

On January 20, 2020, some performers from Kaleidoscope Chinese Performing Arts (KCPA) performed at Peel Manor Long Term Care Centre, Brampton. They carefully put together a show of 12 programs to bring the joy and happiness of the Chinese New Year to the seniors.

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Chinese New Year Show at Peel Manor, Brampton
Among a wide range of newyear celebration activities, new year gala is certainly one of the most popular one. We have carefully put together a show to bring you the joy of the Chinese New Year! As you probably have known, there are 56 ethnic groups in China. The biggest one is called the Han Chinese, who can trace a common ancestry to the Huaxia people lived more than 5000 years ago.
Peel Manor 001
1. Dance ‘Misty Flowers in the Spring’ (by Sandra, Yaner, Lele, Shengying Sun, Xiaozi, Angela
Our first dance is a Han folk dance called “Misty Flowers in the Spring”. The theme of the dance is the appreciation of the beautiful early spring after a harsh winter. The round silk fan we used in the dance is also an integral part of the Chinese culture.
Peel Manor 002
2. Violin ‘You Raise Me Up’(by Henry) Our next performance is a solo with violin accompaniment by Henry: “You Raise Me Up”. It is followed by “The Drunken Imperial Concubine".
Peel Manor 003
3. Beijing Opera ‘The Drunken Imperial Concubine’ (by Jenny, Happy Face) A famous play of the traditional Chinese Beijing Opera “The Drunken Imperial Concubine”. It is based on the story of Yang Yuhuan, a historical figure in the Tang Dynasty in China. The emperor had originally promised to visit Yang but instead went to another concubine’s palace. Yang was so upset that she indulged herself in wine. This play expresses the complex mood of Yang from anticipation to disappointment, and to resentment through movements, lyrics and tunes.
Peel Manor 004
4. Opera Dance ‘Waves of Dancing Sleeve’ (by Angela and Li Zhang) Wow, what an amazing play! Next, we will present a special dance that incorporates elements from the Beijing Opera with elements from Chinese classical dance. Ladies and Gentlemen, please enjoy Opera dance “Waves of Dancing Sleeves. “
Peel Manor 005
5. Chinese Allegro (by Yaner, Lele and others) Did you know that China also has a traditional rap art called Chinese Allegro? Performers rap with the assistance of one of two sets of palm-sized bamboo planks. Though you might be interested in listening to the language in its fastest way, we want to show you a dance utilizing the Chinese Allegro instrument today instead. Please enjoy.
Peel Manor 006
6. Cheongsam Dance ‘Sway with Me’ (by Li Zhang, Angela) Next, is a cheongsam dance “Sway with Me”. The cheongsam is a female dress developed from the so-called “qipao” worn by another Chinese ethnic group, the Manchu, who established the last dynasty of China, the Qing dynasty. It has now gained a growing popularity in the international world of high fashion.
Peel Manor 007
7. Tibetan Tap Dance, performed (by Shengying Sun and Aiming ) Among the 56 ethnic groups in China, the Tibetan is an ancient and unique one. Living on plateaus at very high altitude, their culture and life styles are very different from people in the rest of China. The Tibetan dance has unique features, such as complicated shoulder movement, lower waist posture, rhythmic footwork and sleeve techniques. The next dance is a Tibetan Tap dance, performed by Mr. and Mrs. Luan. They met each other in middle school, went through many stages of life together, and have always been deeply in love. Today is their 38th wedding anniversary! It’s very touching to see them dance every time.
Peel Manor 008
8. Chen’s TaiChi Quan(by Henry) Following the Tibetan dance, Henry will show another talent of his: Chen’s TaiChi Quan, a kind of traditional Chinese shadow boxing, Chinese Martial arts.
Peel Manor 009
9. Uygur Dance ‘A Glass of Wine’ (by Lele and Sandra) Having showcased the Han, the Manchu cheongsam, and the Tibetan dance, next, we will present you a Uygur dance: a glass of wine. Living in northwestern China, the Uygurs are a Turkic ethnicity with a unique culture. Let’s all toast the new year with "A Glass of Wine" from our soul.
Peel Manor 010
10. Duet with Dance ‘I Was Not When You Were Born’ (by Yaner, Na, Qiaojiaren, Aiming) Our next performance is a duet with dance, “I Was Not When You Were Born”. The lyrics came from an ancient poem written in Tang dynasty, more than 1200 year ago. I was not when you were born…… I wished to have been born together; We could enjoy our time together.
Peel Manor 011
11. Mongolian Dance ‘On the Edge of the Sky’ (by Jing Chen) Following the duet, we will bring you to the vast grassland in Mongolia, North China, via a Mongolian Dance: The Mongolians are also called “a musical ethnic group” Mongolian dance usually incorporates very cheerful rhythms, complicated arm, shoulder and waist movements, energetic foot-stamping, and colourful costume. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy both performances.
Peel Manor 012
12. Korean Fan Dance ‘Wings of the Soul’ (by Angela, Lele, Sandra, Xiao Zi, Shengying sun) Last but not least, is a Korean fan dance: "Wings of the Soul". Living in Northeastern China, the Korean is an ancient ethnic group as well. The Korean folk dance is famous for its artistic expression of the crane, which has been worshipped by the Korean since ancient time. This dance also makes use of silk fans lined with white feather to enhance the elegance of the crane. Enjoy.