Top 10 Events Presented by the KCPA in 2019

2019-12-31 KCPA

Top 10 Events Presented
by the KCPA in 2019

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Top #1

1. The Kaleidoscope Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Gala 2019 was successfully held on Sep. 22 at Flato Markham Theatre in Markham and achieved unprecedented success! This gala was sponsored by the Respon Financial Group. As in the previous years, the Kaleidoscope Chinese Performing Arts Society (KCPA) presented a high-quality show to the audience from all over the GTA. The performances included singing, dancing, Chinese opera, Chinese folk art and instrumental music etc. The Gala not only showcased high quality performances, but also enabled the audience as well as the participants to express their homesickness and joy of family reunion in this traditional Mid-Autumn Festival!
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Top #2

2. The KCPA participated in the 3rd Canadian International Choral Festival and won a Silver Award. The 3rd Canadian International Choral Festival was held in Toronto, Canada from July 26 to 28. This was a famous international choral competition event, which lasted three days. The KCPA was invited to participate in this high-quality competition along with other 17 choir groups from Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Waterloo and from other countries as well including Mainland China, Mexico and Africa. More than 60 KCPA members joined the festival and performed the repertoire of "Memory", "Shangri-La" and "Jiu'er". With the efforts of the conductor Mrs. Hong Hanbing and all the teamates, the KCPA won a Silver award, the best place among the Canadian participating groups.
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Top #3

3. On October 26, 2019, the KCPA was invited again to participate in the Sixth Toronto International Dance Festival (TIDF) , which was held at the P.C. Ho Theatre. They presented three exquisite dances: "Heroinic Elegance", "Rainy Alley" and "Wings of the Soul". All performances received great applause from the audience!
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Top #4

4. On September 7, 2019, the KCPA participated in the 2nd Toronto Dragon Culture Festival, held at Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto. This event was hosted by the Conferation of Toronto Chinese Canadian Organization and the Consulate General. The KCPA presented a group fan dance and a traditional waist drum dance, which received great applause from the audience!
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Top #5

5. On February 4th, the Chinese New Year's eve, the KCPA once again with its strong lineup participated in the 6th Overseas Chinese New Year Gala, hosted by Canada National TV, at Sony Centre in downtown Toronto. They performed "Sword Dance", choir "Libiamo ne' lieti calici", fashion show in blue-and-white porcelain costumes, and Uyghur dance "Pretty Kezi" etc, with great success!
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Top #6

6. On May 3rd, the KCPA participated in a charity gala with the theme of “Music Dialogue in Support of Sick Kids” for supporting The Hospital for Sick Children, hosted by Yuan Yin Group at Mississauga Living Arts Centre. Together with Yuan Yin Group, the KCPA team performed the instrumental chorus "Dong Du" and instrumental dance “Dream Reflections". They contributed to the community's philanthropy with their wonderful performances.
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Top #7

7. The KCPA was invited to participate in the Joseph Brant Day Festival, held at Museums of Burlington on August 5, 2019. They presented a number of wonderful small performances, such as Red Dress Dance, Tai Chi, Belly Dance, Beijing Opera "the Drunken Imperial Concubine", Tibetan Tap Dance “Zhuoma”, Chinese Allegro "See Off the Red Army Ten Times" & “Heavenly Flowers” etc., and received big rounds of applause from audience of various ethnic backgrounds!
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Top #8

8. On February 20th in the afternoon, some KCPA members from the east end of the GTA went to Arbor Glen Public School, an elementary school in North York, to celebrate the Chinese Year with the teachers and students. The performers presented five traditional Chinese folk dances to show strong Chinese culture, and won a warm welcome from the entire school!
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Top #9

9. The KCPA choir participated again in the annual Overseas Chinese Chorus Festival on July 6, 2019. The three songs they preformed "Jiu Er", "Memory" and "Reunion in Twenty Years" were all well presented and won wide acclaim from the community and critics!
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Top #10

10. On February 3rd, the KCPA was invited again to participate in the Hamilton Chinese New Year Gala 2019. They presented their great performances of the opening dance "Silk Road Dance" and the Uyghur dance "Pretty Kezi" and received a warm welcome from the audience!
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